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Corporate Services

Prior to becoming a counsellor, Susan Leigh spent over 20 years in blue chip corporate environments in roles as diverse as finance, training and the managing of a spin off company. She is therefore in a unique position to understand the pressures and stresses of corporate life.


Her counselling and innovative solutions are much sought after and she regularly contributes articles to corporate publications and offers workshops to businesses and corporate events.


Training courses and lectures include:


  • Addressing the stresses of long term sickness

  • Preparation for redundancy and/or retirement

  • Motivational and sales performance

  • Team building skills

  • Stress related pressures including depression, maternity and smoking.


She is also a founder member of Start Up Business Services in Altrincham.


Stress - Susan Leigh

Listen to  Susan Leigh on Coping with Stress (4.08)


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